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Why Covered Car Transporters Are Revolutionising Classic Car Transport

Some vehicles are more than just a way to get from A to B. Thousands of enthusiasts from across the UK collect vintage and antique cars and nothing is more important to these owners than security and peace of mind.

It’s clear that transportation is a necessity - owners travel all over the country to exhibit their unique vehicles, yet driving an antique car on the open road is not always worth the risk. Racking up extra mileage and wear on an antique car is ultimately not ideal, reducing both the value and the overall collector’s appeal.

Vintage cars and one-of-a-kind vehicles are premium products and therefore they deserve a premium service. While open carriers often provide a great way to move commercial cars, more valuable models require an additional level of care.

Thankfully, enclosed vehicle transporters can provide a more secure solution for anyone looking to transport a classic or vintage car.

So, why might you need your vehicle enclosed within a covered car transporter? We’ve created a short guide for antique car owners explaining why you should seriously consider it:


With a covered car transporter, the load is completely sheltered from rain, sleet or snow. Oxidisation and rust are huge problems with any car, significantly damaging components and having a drastic impact on the vehicle’s aesthetics.

With some antique cars virtually priceless – definitely something that should not be exposed to the elements for a significant period of time.

Protection from stones and debris

It’s a situation we all know too well – you’re travelling behind a large vehicle and a small stone flies out and chips your windscreen or paintwork. This scenario is irritating enough for any car owner, so spare a thought for those with rare and expensive cars.

A small chip can very easily become a major issue when dealing with vintage vehicles. Many antique cars are equipped with finishes and colours which have long since gone out of production and finding a suitable way to repair the damage could be a costly affair.

Thankfully, the rigid exterior of a covered vehicle transporter removes any risk of chips from debris, protecting the car within its enclosure.

Climate Control

Temperature and humidity are a constant threat to any antique car owner. Parts of the interior can easily warp in the wrong conditions while the outside of a vehicle can suffer from corrosion or tarnishing. A covered vehicle transporter provides a complete seal, allowing for increased protection   
Complete Confidentiality

As many of these vehicles are sizable investments, owners may be reluctant to display their antique cars to the world. Many of these iconic vehicles have cemented their place in popular culture, meaning that it is almost impossible for a vintage unit to go unnoticed during transportation. With enclosed transportation, owners can always ensure maximum privacy and anonymity when moving their antique cars.

So, what can you do?

Fortunately, a covered car transporter is exactly that – covered. By providing a durable outer casing on the transporter itself, the load inside remains protected to a much greater extent. From single cars to bulk movements and events Acumen can tailor a solution to meet your requirements

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